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“A work of art is above all an adventure for the mind.” 


The NRH Pop Up Gallery was implemented

as an opportunity to explore the role of art and artists as agents of revitalization and municipal development. The City of North Richland Hills is looking at the many ways in which artists can serve as catalysts for positive change and growth.

The NRH Parks & Recreation Department produces storefront galleries as often as space is available and maintains a virtual gallery all year long through this site.

We support economic development with the Pop Up Initiative by bringing recognition to commercial properties that are available for sale or lease within the City. We ask developers and property owners if we can borrow available space for a limited amount of time to create a temporary art gallery. 

We believe that art serves as a bridge to nurture and sustain interaction between residents, businesses and the surrounding community.

The NRH Pop Up Gallery is proud to showcase the work and talent of artists and creatives who live and work in and around North Richland Hills.

Eugene Ionesco
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