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call for art ends at 5PM Tue. Nov. 2
Tips for submitting your work through email:
Please read the information all the way down to the bottom of the page. Use a high-quality, well-lit photo of your artwork. Try not to exceed 6MB in size. Make sure the photo of your art is in focus and is true in color.

We are accepting all mediums, including 2D (Paintings, Drawings, Prints, Photography) 3D (Sculpture, Fabric, Carvings), Video, Audio, Film & Live Performance. Send us a link to YouTube or DropBox if you have a film or performance you'd like to submit.

Remember as you get your work ready, we cannot hang any artwork that requires more than one nail to hang. We are unable to hang artworks with two D rings or two sawtooth hangers.  Use a single wire or single mounting bracket if your work is framed.
3D artists (sculpture) will need to provide their own stable pedestal. We can't hang work that weighs over 30 lbs.

During the Saturday Gallery hours, 5 artists will be selected to have photographic images of their work featured
in an outdoor gallery located at Adventure World Park in March - August, 2022.

Email to:
Contact Sarah Green at (817) 427-6614 or sgreen@nrhtx,com for more information

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