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NRH Cultural Arts is pleased to share the work and words of three North Richland Hills artists, Bonnie Binzer, Kathy Koons and Dahlia Tice. After successful careers in other areas, each lady has found purpose and meaning in creating artwork. We hope you find some creative inspiration when you read about the importance art has in their lives.

"I started painting in 2012 at the North Richland Hills Community Center when Robert Garden offered classes promising even if you can’t draw stick figures, I can teach you to paint.  I said to myself – challenge accepted.I usually do a holiday themed painting every year and wanted to do St Nick as he looked so happy.  What I love about art is the emotional impact it has on the people viewing it. Because I’m also a musician, I think the best description is: Art is music you can see and music is art you can hear.I enjoy painting all types of subjects, but found my true passion with portraits.  Portraits have taught me more about blending and perspective which I can apply to my other topics.  I am a representational painter and find that impressionism isn’t in my wheelhouse."​


Bonnie Binzer

"A self-taught artist, I started painting in watercolor when I retired 17 years ago from my full time teaching job. ​Growing up in Ohio, I remember the beauty of snow in a bitter, cold, but peaceful December day which was my inspiration for this winter landscape.  I enjoy presenting my art projects to others so they may discover it and connect to my art. I recently participated in the NRH Senior Craft Fair and my proceeds were donated to charity.  Life is art. Art is life."​


Kathy Koons


"I retired from nursing after 47 years on May 2019. The winter of 2020 when everyone was homebound due to Covid is when my painting adventure began.  I visit Charlotte NC frequently and they have art exhibits every where  you turn . This led me to the desire to try my skills on painting. I’ve never painted before, so I took lessons on YouTube videos and began my creativity in my new adventure.​When I paint it brings me peace and relaxation. Listening to Christian music when I paint is my inspiration. The Christmas Carol Oh Holy Night inspired this painting."​​


Dahlia Tice

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