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17 year old artist Bradi Bratton was selected as second place winner in the Fall NRH Pop Up Gallery. She says: "I’ve been surrounded by arts and crafts my whole life. My mother is a self-taught artist who passed her knowledge down to me, through acrylic painting. She is the main source for my love of art. After returning to high school, from two years of home school, due to health issues, my passion has only grown. There I tried portraits for the first time. My teacher, Mr. Nguyen, introduced me to oil painting and helped me to hone in my skills of portraiture.  I have only been doing portraits for one year and can’t wait to continue to grow and become a more creative and accurate artist. The following pieces are ones in which I tried different mediums and styles to help me discover my artistic preference.  So far, realism, oil painting, portraits are my comfort zone."

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