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As an artist, I hope to create work that evokes an emotional response and sparks a personal connection with its audience; to map out colors and movement that will develop into a composition that embraces and warms the soul. I thrive in the meditative process of painting. Messy and beautiful, chaotic but purposeful, through the journey of creating, the personality of a painting takes shape and breathes life through color, brush strokes, texture and movement. 
 I am most influenced by an eclectic selection of movements. I am drawn to impressionist work, both art and music, and their daring to do things differently. Abstract and expressive works move me the most, but I find academic drawing both challenging and rewarding. 
I live in the North Richland Hills area with my daughters, teach full time and am finishing my art education degree and certification. My passion is to open up a world of possibility through fine art to kids of all ages who may have been told they were not talented enough to “make art”. Through this journey I will do everything possible to shape creativity and build confidence in my students and watch them grow as artists with pride in their work.
 My most recent work has been an exploration of loss and grief and what those have meant to me. Our experiences with grief relate directly to our unique perspective as individuals.  
 Specifically, The Survivors Series is a result of that exploration. The Survivors represents our strength together through grief and And She Danced Again symbolizes giving yourself permission to be joyful again. Blue is the focus of these pieces for its past use in spiritual and divine representation. Like blue, an historically expensive pigment, loss also comes at a high cost . Much as Kandinsky’s view of blue as the most philosophical of colors and Picasso’s Blue Phase after significant loss, birth and death have very spiritual meanings for us. This color connects that spiritual aspect of surviving grief. Though loss never leaves you, it shapes you into a new realization of yourself. 

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