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Don Huddy

Don Huddy, of Dallas Street Photography, was chosen by our website visitors as Viewer Favorite for our Autumn 2017 Online Exhibition ... and for good reason. He captures some very striking black and white images of the people in and around downtown Dallas, which can be seen at his website, here. There's a long and fascinating history behind street photography, which is an art that incorporates chance encounters, available light and a visual story that the person behind the lens creates within the instant that the image is shot.  A really good street photographer has a knack for capturing the perfect moment, and has to have a certain kind of "people personality" and chutzpah. It can be tough to take candid shots of strangers, and in this era of heightened awareness about privacy, there can be pitfalls. The great street photographers of the past, like Brassai or Weegee or the mysterious and cranky Vivian Maier, navigated this issue either by utilizing complete surprise (Weegee), covert camera use (Maier) or staging their settings with permission from their models and subjects (Brassai). Contemporary greats like Ed Templeton and Sid Limitz boldly shoot pictures and answer questions afterward. Don Huddy has his own way of recording the Dallas street scene, and it's working very well, indeed.  (Click on any image below to scroll)
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