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F. Robert Openshaw

A photojournalist's keen eye and artistic sensitivity imbue F. Robert Openshaw's gentle and powerful images of a Pennsylvania Amish family. This is a world generally not open to "English"(non-Amish) people, and Openshaw keeps a respectful distance while inviting the viewer to explore the hidden story and remarkable beauty 

of lives so very different from our own.


Openshaw was introduced to a camera at age 7 by his father. Since then, his work in photography has evolved into a life long passion and profession. He has traveled worldwide to capture images of 

other lands, people and cultures that represent moving testaments to the human spirit. 

To contact the artist about purchasing work:

Openshaw F. The English Visitor
Openshaw F. Morning Chores
Openshaw F. Peepers
Openshaw F. Picking
Openshaw F. Bad Day
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