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BISD Art Student Feature


Currently a senior art student at Birdville High School, Emily Smay is studying art with Savannah Bunn. Emily's work is witty and technically impressive, displaying an emerging mastery of acrylic, colored pencil and watercolor mediums. Highly detailed backgrounds don't overwhelm her subjects in the foreground, rather her backgrounds become an integral part of the entire portrait. Emily's intricate compositions are filled with a bright and whimsical symbolism that invites the viewer to take extra time to explore each element within the whole work. We're delighted to feature Emily Smay's acrylic on canvas painting "Chicken Mom" on the NRH Art Trail at Adventure World!


Cohen Topley is a sophomore art student at Birdville High School, studying art with Savannah Bunn. Cohen's work is highly expressive and thought-provoking, with experimental and intriguing compositions. Cohen uses color with finesse and his use of chiaroscuro is highly developed. This young artist produces paintings and drawings that are brave and bold in both their subject matter and technique and we look forward to seeing what he produces as he continues his high school career. We're proud to display Cohen Topley's "Balance in Nature" along the NRH Art Trail at Adventure World!          

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